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Advanced Excel Course

3 Months Course

Why Become An
IT Professional?

Basic computer skills refer to the ability to use computers and related technology to perform fundamental tasks. Using these skills, you can make school, college or office reports, perform spreadsheet operations, design aesthetically pleasing presentations, manage your system productively. At Webipher we have designed this course keeping in mind the requirement of school and college students who want to use computer applications for the fulfilment of their assignment.

Applications Of Excel

Data management

Financial Analysis

Task management

Customer relationship management

Become an Excel wizard with Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

This advanced Excel course is designed to take Excel users to the next level by illustrating advanced functions and formulas.

  • Understand how to reference data using INDEX and MATCH
  • Manipulate text-string data using functions like RIGHT, CELL, LEN, and FIND
  • Apply data analysis tools, like data tables and PivotTables
  • Master charting features like creating a gauge chart

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Advanced Excel Course

Excel allows users to calculate, organize, and evaluate quantitative data, giving managers and senior executives the information, they need to make important decisions that can impact their business.

  • Understanding Excel & Interface
  • Understanding Data & Information
  • Selection & Moving techniques
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Excel Default Option
  • Sum, Count, Average, Max, Min, Counta
  • Date & Time Functions
  • Text Functions
  • Relative Referencing
  • Absolute Referencing
  • 3D Referencing
  • Sorting Single and Multiple Level
  • Custom Sorting
  • Filtering text, Numbers & Colours
  • Setting up Print Area
  • Customize Headers & Footers
  • Print Tiles
  • Format Worksheet
  • Conditional Formatting
  • IF (And,or)
  • Countif, sumif
  • Countifs, sumifs
  • Hlookup
  • Vlookup
  • Index
  • Choose
  • Match
  • Specifying a valid range of values for a cell
  • Specifying a list of valid values for a cell
  • Specifying custom validations based on formula for a cell
  • Goal Seek
  • Scenario Manager
  • Data Table
  • Solver Add-in
  • Understanding importance of Visualization
  • Line Chart
  • Bar and Column Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Formatting and customizing Pivot tables
  • Using advanced options of Pivot tables
  • Pivot charts
  • Consolidating data from multiple sheets and files using Pivot tables
  • Using external data sources
  • Using data consolidation feature to consolidate data
  • Show Value As %
  • Viewing Subtotal under Pivot Creating Slicers
  • Sharing Working Protecting
  • Worksheet Protection
  • Workbook Edit Ranges

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