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Data Analytics using Python

2 Months Course

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Why Become An
IT Professional?

Data analytics is now a priority for top organizations.With market competition stiffening, top organizations are turning to data analytics to identify new market opportunities for their services and products.As companies begin to realize that they have no capacity to comprehensively gather, interpret and use data, they are beginning to look for specialists who can do so. If you look at all the major job opportunity platforms such as Indeed and Dice, you will see that there are increasing number of job postings looking for data analysts and consultants.

Web Development With Python Language

Python is one of the most in-demand programming languages. It is because of its ease of use and easy- to-read syntax. As it is a popular and easy language, Python is used in several fields to develop various kinds of applications such as desktop applications, Machine Learning models, and so on. One such field is Web Development.

  • Introduction to Data Analytics Data Types
  • Operators Control Flow Loops
  • Tuples,List and Dictionaries Working with Numpy Working with Pandas
  • Analysing and Cleansing Data Working with Matplotlib
  • Line, Labels, Grids & Subplots Box Plots & Heat Maps Constant & Optimizer
  • Data Science Functions Data Preparation
  • Slope & Intercept Introduction to Statistics
  • Standard Deviation & Variance Correlation Matrix
  • Getting Started and Retrieving Data from SQL Filtering, Sorting, Calculating Data
  • Modifying and Analysing Data with SQL Scatter, Bar, Histogram & Pie Charts

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